Domino Banded Two Piece Halter C/D Cup Bikini Swimsuit by C Collection®

Domino Banded Two Piece Halter C/D Cup Bikini Swimsuit by C Collection®

Features: Soft cup bra with removable padding Scarf ties at neck and back Black and ivory domino detailing under bust and on belted bottom Belted hipster bottom 80% Nylon/20% SpandexFit: Will comfortably accomodate a C/D cup Contemporary coverageColors: Available in Black with ivory.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Crystal wand sex toy

The Crystal wand sex toy is a 10 inch s-shaped sensuously curved crystal (7/8" inch diameter) Lucite G Spot Stimulator and Prostate Massage Tool is individually made for your pleasure.

The hard Lucite provides firm stimulation that our many users Rave about! The Crystal Wand is a beautiful erotic art piece on its own!

The S shaped design gives you the needed leverage to easily find and reach the G Spot and prostate (Male G Spot) effortlessly.

These two pleasure areas are normally difficult to reach and stimulate on your own. Used with a partner, or by oneself, the Crystal Wand has a variety of uses and Staying Power!

Comes with an instruction booklet and velvet carrying pouch.An Elegant Gift Package! As seen on HBO’s Real Sex Series # 23, Penthouse Magazine and Sex Tips For Girls.

For a Limited time, take advantage of our fantastic Eros Pour Lubricant offer, and receive 20% discount on the lubricant when purchased with the wand.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Catty Perry will create sex toys

All past summer the singer Catty Perry didn’t cease to amaze the public with her progress. In general, they were connected with music.

Now, the girl moved on: in the short run, she will launch the selling of a doll. Moreover, the doll is a perfect copy of her – Catty Perry!

This doll will be sold all over the world. The doll has 25 centimeters in length and flash-designer Jason Wu participated in this work.

Jason is the creative director of well-known dolls line, dressed up in the most fashionable clothes.

It would be very easy to recognize Carry Perry in this doll: it is wearing a golden mini-dress with a belt and a pleated skirt from the video clip “I kissed a girl”. In fact, this video clip got 50 nominations in the last week during the VMA ceremony. The doll will cost about $50.

The “transformation” of Catty in a doll isn’t a casual idea. This dedication is for the fans of Catty who were delighted with her earlier music video “Ur So gay” where Catty appeared in the video with various dolls from Fashion Royalty Line.

This video received more than 1,3 million visitors via Internet and also the best comments: “We are so glad to work again with Catty” – said Jason Wu – her unique style and lovely approach to pop-music made her an ideal candidate for flash-doll creation.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Edible intimate lingerie

Erotic lingerie is one of the ways you can make sex so much fun with its endless variety of fashion choices.

The exciting look of sexy panties under a short skirt is great incentive for flirting and spontaneous foreplay that can quickly lead to a satisfying orgasm.

Everyone has their favorite turn-on and no matter what it may be when you feel good you can relax and enjoy the moment.

Some men get weak in the knees at the sight of a woman’s lacy panties and these lovely lingerie items have inspired more than one fetish and fantasy.

With the assortment of styles you can be prepared for a romantic encounter any time you choose.

Thongs and g-string panties are hot items for their maximum skin exposure, but some men find boy cut briefs more attractive for the way they accent the hips and buttocks. Beside the design of the panties, you can choose materials from fabrics, rubber or animal skin. Latex panties have a liquid, shiny look that stimulates the senses in a totally different way than lace or leather.

Making erotic lingerie a part of your daily wardrobe can give you a subtle confidence boost and turn up your sex appeal a few notches.

Panties may be an essential part of dressing but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring to be functional. And when you are with your lover, beautiful lingerie from a sex toy shop can be worn during lovemaking if you so desire to heighten the excitement.

For lingerie that is exclusively for the bedroom, there are some really sexy panties that come with adult costumes that can make for an adventure into fantasy land. With the help of a few sex toys and lingerie decorated with zippers, feathers and lace, you can have a love session that is hard to forget.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Clitoral butterflies

This group of sex toys is very fashionable. They are most interesting for women, according to statistics 90% of women feel an orgasm exactly during of clitoral stimulation.

Clitoral stimulators are used directly during sexual intercourse. In this way, the men shouldn’t stimulate this tender organ.

Clitoris – is the female sexual organ, which is composed from erectile tissues and it’s an analog of male genital. This organ swells during of excitement and it’s destined exclusively for female pleasure.

Clitoris stimulation – is an important element of foreplays. 90% of women get sexual pleasure exactly during of sexual games. Not less important is to stimulate this organ during the sex intercourse, but, we should accept that this zone isn’t stimulated enough in many cases.

Nice rabbits, mice and butterflies made of gels or cyber skin are ready to palpitate with excitement under action of mini assistance – small vibrators, built-in in their soft bodies and present you dotted vibration or rippling, the power and level of influence totally depends on your pleasure.

So, how they are used?

Stimulator is fixed on the clitoris zone or is attached with special wristlets such as panties for more comfort. Such method doesn’t impede the partners during sexual intercourse. The frequencies control and vibration power and/or rippling are happening with the help of useful remote control.

Some, clitoris stimulators have special vaginal and anal plugs which are destined for supplementary complex influence and excitement of perceptible female genitals.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Edible Lingerie for the Bacon Lover!

"Sweet & Sexy" Edible Lingerie is made with an elastic string covered by hard pressed Colorful candy beads that are arranged to be worn or displayed.

Erotic Lingerie

Have you decided to visit a sex shop?

Very well. First of all, you should go see the intimate lingerie. Not sexual but erotic lingerie. These are: bodices and chemises with opened breasts, pants with cuts on the imitate zones, lingerie made of latex and leather.

This kind of lingerie excites not only the person for whom the lingerie is shown but also the owner of the lingerie.

Erotic lingerie could be provocative and in the same time attractive. Only you can decide – which erotic lingerie you will wear for this night: seductive laces, furry bellows, cold leather or glossy latex – they are the basic materials which are used in the lingerie industry.

By the way, there are interesting options also for men. For example, I saw male edible pants; 210gr of sweet and sexual pleasure. Super!

An apart category – role play lingerie. Can you see yourself in a costume of a nurse, rabbit, cat or police man or fire man and other personages? They exist and don’t be ashamed to try them.

You can try foreplays if the various costumes are insufficient for you. All people know about the game where the hand or/and legs are tied. You may also use beautiful fur handcuff. Such handcuff locks, there is a spear key for any situation.

There are more serious accessories in case that you are interested in something more unusual, but such accessories are for advanced people of this foreplay.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First sex museum Liu Dalin

For the first time in the history of the fair, renowned sex expert and founder of China's first sex museum Liu Dalin, will bring about 300 exhibits with him and give FREE talks about the history of sex and culture in ancient China.

Tour around the world: Sex Museums

Let’s visit some sex museums and describe some adult devices.

If you are going to visit Chicago Museum which was called “Museum of products made of leather”, you will see an exhibition of bondage adult products, nothing else.

Sex Museums sprang up all over the place. The first sex museum was opened in Amsterdam, not so far ago – in 1985.

Now, there are lots of sex museums all over the world: US, Europe and Asia.

The exhibits are the same everywhere – sexual artifacts from ancient time and nations: custom objects, sex toys for penis and clitoris stimulation, ancient sex toys and also collections of erotic postcards, visual artworks, historical and illuminator materials.

The owners of sex museums know better than that the similarity of sex museum can be destructive for their business, that’s why they try to diversify their adult exhibits.

The visitors of Dutch sex museum “Venus Temple” are surprised with some whispers behind their back. The people turn on … and they see a doll of natural size. The doll opens the coat hospitable.

In the same way, all sex museum visitors start their travel along exhibition somewhat chaotic, but in the same time diversified.

Here you can see oil lamp from Carthage, dated around 100 years AC and which is executed in the form of the penis and European splices of 20th years last century. Surprise: they have the same shape: the penis form.

“Rival firm” – the small Erotic Museum located in the famous block of Red Lamps, can boast with ancient mechanical vibrator (it works from spring drive) and a big collection of erotic images which were presented by John Lennon to Yoko Ono at the wedding.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pimp my doll

Let's shop this doll!

This doll was exposed on the exhibition of Dolls and Toys.

Recently, the exhibition of erotic industry X-Show has launched successfully in Moscow

Just when I entered the X-Show hall room, this dream world of erotic fantasies, a long-legged girl came up to me and took me by my arm.

- Try to rub this fantastic erotic gel!

- Whom and where I should rub that? – I twirled stupidly this light bag.

- No matter where you rub it, you could rub it even in your hands, all that depend on your fantasy and sexual partner – the girl wasn’t confused at all;

- Try also this miracle-cushion which arouses your sexual desires. – Another girl pulled me softly by the sleeve to her side. I took a seat in the armchair. The girl put the pillow under me and switched on the button. The pillow started to turn furiously behind my back, kneading my small part of the back. After an hour something warm moved inside of me, such as some time ago in far childhood. “Miracle” – I thought absently: it seems that my back was massaged but as a result my sexual desire was aroused too. Perhaps, that thing happened because of the massage of my back or because the girls walked by in mini-skirts. I hid even my pleasure with a journal.

One old man that sat down in the armchair testing the miracle-pillow, spent the whole evening sitting in this armchair, increasing his sexual pleasure for free to the maximum.

The Chinese Masha for Russian Sasha

I walked along the exhibition, rejoicing of various sex toys. All exposed sex toys were made in Germany, Italy, US and China.

There were exposed multi-speed sex toys, double dildos, vibrators, with hair made from natural hair, with remote controls. The speed could be changed as for the car: step on the throttle and you should only know to increase the speed and rush desperately over forms of sexual pleasures. Gee-eee-eee!

I have never seen so many real sexdolls. They looked so real and as if they told me: “My dear! Take me with you!” “Natasha”, “Tania”, “Olga”, “Masha”, “Dasha”. All these realistic sexdolls were made in China.

The girls on the stands - you'll lick your fingers!

Adult sexual debates flared up in the conference hall of the exhibition while I visited other interesting things. The idea of the exhibition was “To love forever, to love everywhere until the last day, until the hormonal possibility will permit it”.

Michael Miller, a person with encyclopedic deep knowledge and the carrier of Divine principles, called shame on the representatives of this industry, remanded them about the distressful affair of depraved Roman Empire. And, Leonid Golubkov, the sex toy of the company “MMM”, added as in passing by, that he was writing a book about real love.

As you know, the sex toys exhibition takes place in Moscow since 2002. The exhibition has been visited by 100.000 people during 6 years.

Here, the sex toys leaders from US, Italy, Germany and China demonstrate their novelties from the sex toys industry, technological innovations which aren’t inferior to the cosmetic industry.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Britney 's "Lesbian Love In" in MTV

There is a Photo where Britney Spears topless in a swimming pool kissing Madonna.

Bisexuality – a fashionable word or …?

We encounter often the delusion that bisexual women are lesbians. It is strange, but this opinion is shared by people with medical education. Is that so?

So, lesbians – these are women for which the sexual object can be people of the same genre only. With other words, lesbians don’t like men in the matter of their sexual object.

Which women are bisexuals? Bisexuals are the women, who have sexual contact with women and men too. It isn’t important for them, with which genre they have sexual relationship.

Let’s look at the relationships between girls and boys. We don’t think about how they communicate between them. Boys during their youth embrace each other rarely. In general, they limit themselves to handshakes.

What will be the reaction if you would see 2 kissing youngsters? It means that male tactile communications are minimized and limited.

For girls – vice versa, the same contacts are very many. Girls – friends kiss each other when they are meeting. Moreover, they often walk holding hands; whisper in each other’s ears. I think that it is a familiar feature for everybody.

According to analytics, the homophobia tendency is present in the behavior of these youngsters, and for girls – this is bisexual tendency. During of the education process, the bisexual tendency of the girls is suppressed continuously. First of all, it’s the talk about the Christian religion.

In the woman’s body, there are the same proportions of women and men sex hormone. Woman’s libido (sexual desire) is dictated by the male hormone – testosterone. Lowering the testosterone leads to serious functional disorders.

If the libido suddenly decreases, the woman puts on heavily weight; the face becomes puffy and sedentary. But, that isn’t the final action; there can also appear the syndrome of mental stupefaction.

If the testosterone was introduced artificially, it means that her testosterone will raise and it’s necessary to introduce it for a long period of time.

If you are talking about men, even a small introduction of female hormone can conduct to impotency and infertility.

About the influence of male hormones on the women’s psychic was written enough, but a lot of authors get around diffidently about the theme of their impact on sexual orientation. They ended up with the fact that the woman’s bisexuality can be treated.

The consequences of the following “treatment” were simply horrible.

But, even these things don’t force the modern western science to recognize aloud that bisexuality is something normal and all women are bisexual.

In this aspect, women can be divided in 3 categories:

- Women who realize their bisexuality;

- Women who don’t realize their bisexuality;

- Women with physiological suppressed bisexuality.

A part of women who don’t realize their bisexuality, sublimate their male hormone in “male” activities.

All people know the facts when a tender mother and loving wife could transform in a pitiless guidance at the work and that is called “man in the skirt”.

Other women from this category, held in low reputation, are called “frivolous women”.

Really, they have unprotected and disordered sexual life, change often their sexual partners or when they have one regular partner they tear off to a once-real relationship.

In general, they can’t explain their behaviors. But all explanations are simple.

In their sub consciousness, inclination for women is reversed by watch centers, which were formed during the educational process and lead to permanent unsuccessful searches.

For the 3rd category, the women have not only psychological problems, but also physiological abnormalities of different degrees of gravity. As a rule, they need serious medical help.

In conclusion, I want to say that sweet hearted women don’t be afraid to love each other, and you shouldn’t resume only to a platonic love.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sex Toys Fun

As you can see, there are many interesting sex devices in Sex Toys Museum.

So, visit it and let's fun.

In Europe was opened the first sex toys museum

In Czechoslovakia was opened the first “Sex Toys Museum”.

Here were showed the most modern and ancient sex toys for lovers of untraditional sex and bondage: racks for torture, electrical clothespins for nipples, ancient masturbation devices.

The government intends to promote well this new museum and to attract as many tourists as possible: In Prague, the administration plans to place billboards.

According to director of Sex Toys Museum, Samuel Nubile, this museum will be the unique place at the moment, where will be presented sex toys, excepted sex shops.

While there are officially opened Erotic Museums in Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam, the Czech museum will be a real revelation for erotomaniacs with their full line of sex toys.

Samuel Nibile said that such sex museums existed during many years in whole Europe.

He also said that its company was specialized exactly for sex toys, to show people what they were.

In the “Sex Toys Museum” is presented the exact copy of The Throne – a very unusual reproduction of the rocker for sexual pleasure.

This sex toy was delivered from one French brothel to another in the 19th century. It was used especially for orgies.

At the insistence of city authorities, the administration of museum has to make some concessions: from museum’s shop window was taken away the models in the leather clothes, which imitate scenes related to bondage.

The main personage of this scene was the nun figure wearing latex.

The respresantives of Municipal Justice are inclined very skeptically regarding this museum.

Martin Cupka, president of urban municipality doubts that this kind of museum can attract lots of tourists.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Condom Fashion Show at Beijing

So, how do you feel after such magnificent condom dresses?

To celebrate the 18th World Population Day on July 11, was organized a fascinating fashion show in Beijing and to create awareness among the public for prevention of AIDS.

Glamour condoms

The designers’ ideas keep up with human’s necessities: you will not surprise anybody with designers’ cars, phones, silverware and household appliances.

So, the next object for fantasies became … contraceptives.

Condoms with strasses: Woman edition

Nowadays, condom is the same thing in a female bag such as powder-case or lipstick. And in the case of this article of the same fine values.

This valuable gift – line of condoms Crystal Compacts Limited Edition – was presented by company Swarowski in this spring.

The case which is ornamented with strasses includes 2 condoms LifeStyle.

The case’s cover is provided with mirror: in an important moment, assertiveness is necessary especially.

Condoms Haute Couture: man’s edition

The well-know designer Kenneth Cole pays attention to the fight against AIDS. For Valentines Day, he presented a new presentation of condoms which was called “Safe Tee” and collection of male lingerie which was designed to combat the men’s diseases.

The condoms became the center of this presentation and the male shorts and black T-shirts were added to them. The T-shirts and the male shorts have a special pocket for condoms. On these clothes you can see the special inscription: “Security advisory: this thing and its contents should be worn in any possible situation.”

More than 15000 exclusive designer’s condoms were distributed free for customers of the store “Kenneth Cole, Theory and M.A.C Cosmetics” on Valentines Day.

Condom as material for wedding dress

One more activist of the fight against AIDS, modeler Adriana Bertini, produces the most unusual clothes made of latex – evening wears.

These kinds of clothes are produced exclusively from condoms of various colors.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dita Von Teese and her erotic dancing

Erotic sets

Erotic sex toys sets – there are sets of one or more vibro massagers with different nozzles made of silicone or cyber skin, vaginal or anal beads and special water based lubricants.

If you are a beginner in adult products industry or you don’t want to limit yourself in erotic feelings, you should buy this erotic set – this is the best thing which you can purchase.

You can learn your body and find the points of erogenous zones with the help of plastic vibrators. The fullness of sex toy set utilization depends on your imagination only.

- vaginal, clitoral, anal stimulation;

- soft nozzles with nubs for attraction reinforcement;

- rings which enlarge an erection;

- Beads for pleasure.

I will write about vibro massagers, nozzles, rings, beads and lubricants destination in my other post. So, be attentive and don’t miss it.

Erotic sets – mean the new feelings, delightful orgasm and powerful attraction – in one word, all unknown gladness for Him and Her!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fashionable ladies

Style of the “Sex and the City”

Carrie Bradshaw - there is a young, popular and the most stylish resident of the big city. She dictates stylish rules. She always is wearied in fashionable clothes only.

In the film “Sex and the City” we can see the most different and unusual, fashionable and stylish Carrie’s apparels. Moreover, the same clothes wear and other 3 resident of the city.

Carrie is very original as usual. More than that, her clothes are very chic and all clothes’ parts combine perfectly each other.

During of the whole film, Carrie appeared in various clothes and images. Here, I place some of pictures with her dresses. Look attentive and admire her sophisticated style.

Samantha is a sexual woman. She is a business-lady who is very self-confident. In addiction, she scores a success, she is independent in her soul and she wends one’s way through life easily. There is a strong woman and it is interesting and lively always with her.

We can see often her clothes of yellow color in the film. This color is in vogue at the moment.

In general yellow color is bright, warm and it gives some confidence to its own.

The style of Samantha is a strict suit and cool dresses.

Besides fashion, heroines have their style, their clothes’ preferences and their etiquettes in the film.

You can see her styles in the following pictures:

Serious and in the same time light-headed Samantha, romantic Charlotte, practical and cynical Miranda and stylish, merry, romantic and amazing Carrie.

Party dresses of all 4 personages are presented beautifully in the film. Look here:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sex in Design

The most fashionable sex toys

As you know, sex toys stand popular more and more in whole world. I think that every man or woman have in their bedroom a sex toy.

Why do I talk about that?

Recently, was launched a new exposition in The Museum Of the sex. This exposition was called “The most fashionable sex toys”. I think that here you will see only the most unusual and creative sex toys. Do you agree with me?

Why you should visit this exhibition?
Your imagination will rise after seeing all these amazing devices. They will help you to be more exacting when you will go to shop at your online sex shop.

Here, you can see all these exposed sex toys: