Domino Banded Two Piece Halter C/D Cup Bikini Swimsuit by C Collection®

Domino Banded Two Piece Halter C/D Cup Bikini Swimsuit by C Collection®

Features: Soft cup bra with removable padding Scarf ties at neck and back Black and ivory domino detailing under bust and on belted bottom Belted hipster bottom 80% Nylon/20% SpandexFit: Will comfortably accomodate a C/D cup Contemporary coverageColors: Available in Black with ivory.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is that a cock or your legs?

You are not right if you think that Lady Gaga is an excentric person in Fashion Industry. It seems that she haven't discovered these pants yey.
Fashionista published several articles about the most bizare and unusual invention in Fashion Industry. I think that these pants are on the top. They could be called  "Is that a cock or your legs?"

I couldn't wear these pants at the work, they are very weird. I'very curious about how many penises were printed on such pants. People, you can believe that such pants are as for women as for men too. UHHH...

Do you think that Fashion Industry go crazy or not enough?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best portable toy

Can you believe that this product is a sex toys? Exactly, it's a vibrator.

It was a enigma for me when I sow this sex toy for the first time. Look's very discreet. It looks more like an iPod than a vibrator.
As I love gadgets, I wanted to buy it imediately, but the surpise was big when the vendor that this vibrator is ok when you are traveling much. It's ok if you are a student, your roommates will not descover what are you doing in the room, when they are out and why you are so satisfied when they return back.

I can say that the design is amazing. It's look fun. Even if it's look so small, this vibrator is powerful. It exists in many models that vary also in size.

I want this portable sex toy in my bag when I'll visit the Europe, especially Italy. It will help in the night not to cheat my husband.