Domino Banded Two Piece Halter C/D Cup Bikini Swimsuit by C Collection®

Domino Banded Two Piece Halter C/D Cup Bikini Swimsuit by C Collection®

Features: Soft cup bra with removable padding Scarf ties at neck and back Black and ivory domino detailing under bust and on belted bottom Belted hipster bottom 80% Nylon/20% SpandexFit: Will comfortably accomodate a C/D cup Contemporary coverageColors: Available in Black with ivory.  

Monday, January 26, 2009

Spice up your sexual life with foreplays

Do you like to spice up your sexual life? How about sexual games – so- called foreplays?

You don’t need to buy some bondage things in order to play such games. There are lots of online sex shops which sell sexy costumes.

What of fantasies do you have in your mind? Would you like to be a pirate or his sexy captive? Or maybe you would like to be a maidservant who cleans the house of rich people? You can play even a role of dominatrix while sexual partner is the servant.

There are 2 very popular foreplays: the doctor and his patient and the guard and his prisoner. But, you can diversify them.

You can see funny costumes in sex shops. They come from different époques, designs and textures.

But, you will need more than just costumes for foreplays.

You will need also some additional devices – sex toys which will add some mystic air to the games.

Attract attention to the massage oils and anal sex toys: butt plugs. Both of them could be used in your sexual games.

Use your imagination!

Do you like sensation plays? Then, touch his naked back with an ice cube. He will scream, but this scream will be a scream of pleasure.

Why some people use foreplays? Do you ask yourself such question? Maybe, these people want to explore their sexuality.

Or, they want to add some more excitement to their sexual life. Some people feel their day-to-day life boring and they want to add some excitement to it.

Try to play a role which differs from your real character. Are you a shy and reserved person? Then, play a role of dominatrix in foreplays. Do you get orders and take serious decisions at your work? Then, play a role of slave and let someone else to take decisions.

Now, after such introduction, you are ready to buy a costume that fits namely you. Generally, sex shops sell such costumes and you can buy them even at online sex shops, without leaving the house. Moreover, this kind of shopping is discreet and sure.

Go ahead and have some good sexy fun!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The gifts for general use

People, who organize to spend their Holidays time in romantic privacy with their girl friend or boy friend, shouldn’t offer themselves such a gift.

I was very surprised when I saw a thin vibrator, which can be placed on the tongue – irreplaceable device for lazy people, who wish to make happy their other half with oral caresses.

It is attached reliably on the tongue with the help of special elastics. So, it is impossible for you to ingest it or for it to remain inside of somebody.

“There is somebody who has the courage to present such obvious things as aromatic candles and even to visit the sex shop to buy them?”

But, according to the vendors, the candles create a romantic air in the room, but they can also play a role of massage oil.

One device which is necessary for New Year’s night is a set for G-spot finding. There was invented a magical cream: the men should spread it on the penis and start making sex, as G-spot vibrator, sensing agreeable cream, will react properly, receiving unbelievable delights.

Jewelries are the best friends of the girl. The majority of people have no idea how many body parts could be decorated: put on a luxurious belt made of gold on the waist, underlining the beauty of breasts with a chain of diamond border, attaching small funny figures on the nipples and other, more intimate parts of the body.

Don’t forget about special artistic pant-line made of precious stones which will set off the clitoris.

It isn’t important, if the excitement will appear from the view of the naked body, touches, or gold abundance: pleasure is guaranteed for both partners.