Domino Banded Two Piece Halter C/D Cup Bikini Swimsuit by C Collection®

Domino Banded Two Piece Halter C/D Cup Bikini Swimsuit by C Collection®

Features: Soft cup bra with removable padding Scarf ties at neck and back Black and ivory domino detailing under bust and on belted bottom Belted hipster bottom 80% Nylon/20% SpandexFit: Will comfortably accomodate a C/D cup Contemporary coverageColors: Available in Black with ivory.  

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some things about oral sex

Oral sex or fellatio has the same meaning. You should learn how to give oral pleasure to your lover, because according to statistics, the majority of men like this type of sex. You may start to learn it at home, alone in order to be an expert in oral sex.

So, how we should prepare to this?

Make sure that his genitals are clean before providing him oral pleasure. Use tongue and lips and try to change their positions, styles and techniques as you can.

All these together will help you to find the perfect positions namely for him. In fact, oral sex is considered an art. It is like a door for room where the pleasure is locked.

If you can find the necessary key to this room, it will be difficult to continue “the travel” to him. It’s recommended to use flavored personal lubricant, whipped cream or chocolate syrup for oral sex, because they add lots of fun to your experience. Start licking the substance after you put it on his body: genitals, nipples, abdomen…

Oral sex is still a taboo for majority of women. Many of them think that this is the most shameful thing that they could do. Try to overcome these inhibitions and ideas. Try to live in a community where we know everything about sex and experience it in order to give and achieve more pleasure.

Aren’t you an expert of oral sex?

So, first of all, you should practice it at home for example. You may start with a penis-shaped sex toy or banana. Use lots of strokes and pressures on them. After several sessions you will be able to do a good oral sex for your lover. Don’t forget to ask him how he likes in order to give him the best oral sex.

Sexual games for him

As we know, men are stimulated often by things that he sees while women tend to respond to what they hear. It means that men need to be touched more directly into contact. You should respect the following rule: ask him. Ask him what he feels if you touch in such or another way. Choose a proper time for such discussion. It should be an intimate time, such as in the bedroom.

If he approves the idea, you should start touching his genitals, nipples, belly, back and so on. The touches should be gentle and careful. Use your hands, fingers, lips, mouth to give him more pleasure than he expects. Believe it or not, it works.